About Us

The Brand:


First and foremost, thank you for checking out our INDIE BRAND. Just like the saying goes, "you scratch my back, I scratch yours", you motivate us so that we can do the same for YOU. All the love and support is ALWAYS welcome and appreciated. We try our best to be open minded and make sure we are attentive to your needs.

We are literally a Mom and Pop shop. The wifey, myself, and our two little minions are 90% of what makes Forward Uprising Co. We can't take all the credit, because we sometimes are lucky enough to get help from some amazing people.

In 2012, we started out as a walk-in Custom Print Shop/Fro-yo Cafe called Monsterland Prints in Newark, NJ. It was fun times, but short lived. We had the shop up and running for 6 months before Hurricane Sandy put our business in the NEGATIVE. We tried to ride out the winter, but our expenses just piled too high. We took the print shop home....literally. So out of the ASHES of Monsterland Prints, FORWARD UPRISING was born. It meant a new beginning for us, and our way back UP.

Forward Uprising's motto is to Always Move Forward & Rise Up and Give Everything Negative a BIG FU!  Life is already riddled with obstacles that put you down physically, mentally, and emotionally, so we all need help at some point. We all could use some motivation and inspiration from others to keep us moving FORWARD.

The Print Shop:

We take pride in knowing that our Print Shop is extremely Unique. We use some of the latest products and technologies to give us the versatility and the ability to meet our demands while keeping our inventory small, but our selection BIG.

All of our designs are done in house, by us, on demand.

We currently use the following processes to Print our products:

Screen Printing
Vinyl Heat Applied Materials
Direct to Garment Printing

All items are made right here in the USA, and made with love by our own hands. We will be adding videos to our www.youtube.com/forwarduprising page so that you can get an idea of what goes into making some of our gear.


Thanks again!